Conditions of Participation

CannaTrade 2024, 24-26 may 2024, Halle 622, Zürich

Interested companies from the areas of: Food, textiles, cosmetics, building materials, pet food and other products made of and with hemp, which do not run their own stand, can participate with their products at the joint stand "Hanfwarenhaus".

The exhibition area of the «Hanfwarenhaus» is sponsored by CannaTrade.

The needed equipment (booth system, furniture, labelling and decoration), the sales staff as well as the booth builders will be provided by the group of «Hanfwarenhaus».
The «Hanfwarenhaus» will sell your products in commission, based on wholesale conditions, by its own and well skilled sales staff. The drawn profit shall finance the entire expenditures of the «Hanfwarenhaus».

  1. Interested companies first have to register at CannaTrade as sub-exhibitor in the "Hanfwarenhaus" (cannatrade.ch/en/exhibitors). The total costs are SFr.190.00 plus VAT, including the listing of your firm in the official fair catalogue, the online index as well as the Fair-App.
  2. The priced goods have to be delivered on Wednesday, 22th of May 2024, directly to the booth, "Hanfwarenhaus", accompanied by the corresponding delivery notes as well as detailed product information (Pics, Flyers, Logos) for our sales staff.
  3. At the end of the fair, settlement will be made; the producer must collect unsold products. If collection is not possible, the goods can also be returned at the expense of the producers.
  4. Promotion material may be presented within the booth of the «Hanfwarenhaus». For placing further advertisement (e.g. in the fair catalogue) please refer to CannaTrade. cannatrade.ch/en/login
  5. Please send product photos as jpg to info@hanfwarenhaus.ch
  6. Foodstuff and drinks are easier to sell by means of degusting, free samples for direct consumption are therefore indispensable – please mark the tasting goods explicitly and provide for sufficient quantity.
  7. No extra fix charges, you only have to pay the fees for the registration as sub-exhibitor.
Each exhibitor will be listed, with contact address as well as photos of the products, on our Webpage www.hanfwarenhaus.ch and on www.facebook.com/hanfwarenhaus also on www.instagram.com/hanfwarenhaus

For further details, please refer to Marco Kuhn.
Phone: 0041 79 400 57 80 E-Mail: info@hanfwarenhaus.ch
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